JAY-Z Told DDG To Give His Fans Chinese Food– Is Dinner With Hov Still Worth More Than $500K?

Here comes HOV with the $500K advice!

DDG may have just put an end to the age-old social media debate posing the question of which would you rather—dinner with JAY-Z or $500,000.

During a recent interview, the “Moonwalking In Calabasas” lyricist revealed not only did he not need to have dinner with JAY-Z, but he also explained how he managed to get a word of advice on the low.

“I’ve only talked to him [JAY-Z] a few times,” DDG started off. “It ain’t like I text him and call him and s### like that, but we’ve had conversations—when I do see him, I try to ask him for a little bit of game, a little bit of advice.”

As DDG continued, he seemingly revealed the golden nugget Hov offered him the last chance he got to get some face time with the Roc Nation boss.

“He gave me advice before,” DDG said. “I asked him at the birthday party actually, I was like, ‘What advice could you give me as an artist?’ He gave me an analogy. ‘If people go to a Chinese restaurant, they’re expecting Chinese food. So give the people what they came for’ type s###.”

Whether the analogy itself is worth half a million dollars i subjective, but it seems DDG’s taken it to heart and it’s working out for him. According to reports at the top of the year, the Michigan-bred YouTuber-turned-rapper is worth $8 million in 2024.

Watch the full interview below. DDG starts talking about his relationship with JAY-Z around the 43-minute mark.