Jazmine Sullivan Gets Reckless in Her IG Stories, Twitter Goes Wild

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan got reckless in her IG stories last night, and Twitter is going wild.

Jazmine Sullivan woke up and chose violence.

In a series of Instagram stories, the R&B singer hosted an AMA of sorts, and needless to say, nothing was held back.

The first question asked, “tell me a secret you’ll never tell your partner.” The answers ranged from “I used to f##k my pastor” to “I was catching his daddy n#t before I was catching his.”

And then Jazmine Sullivan shared a story about a (woman? man?) who had an ex-lover had “toilet paper in his booty while I was eating it.” It was unclear, however, if the toilet paper was in the future father-in-law’s booty, or the pastor’s. (We’ll certainly keep you updated with any information.)

But it didn’t stop there.

Someone then went on to confess that she knows her boyfriend cheated, but she’s only saving that information for future reference in case she gets caught cheating. And then, in a display of sheer brilliance, Sullivan shared a confession from someone who bought her house years ago, but her boyfriend still deposits rent money every month. (Hey, nobody should live in anybody’s house for free.)

Jazmine Sullivan seemed to be riffing off of her Heaux Tales album. But either way, it’s absolutely brilliant.