Jewelers Claim T.I. Is Using Legal Tricks To Avoid Paying Close To $800K


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like those jewelers are still asking Tip to run them their coins!

A jewelry company has been in the process of suing T.I. for a minute now for over $1 million for breach of contract for some pretty nice jewelry items.

According to Bossip, Aydin & Co sued T.I. in 2015 for breach of contract as the rapper allegedly blew off their oral contract. The company has claimed that the rapper owes them $755,000 for some bling that he never paid a dime on.

See that’s why you have to get everything in writing! I don’t care who it is, celebrity or NOT!.

Tip continues to deny that he owes any money to the jewelers. To make it worse, Tip is saying that even if he did allegedly owe money to them, hasn’t the statute of limitation run out. I wonder if T.I. and his big bucks can make this go away as he is trying to get the judge to rule in his favor.

Aydin & Co., say that they sold hundreds of thousands of jewelry pieces to Tip from 2004-2012. These alleged pieces included $9,500 diamond hoop earrings, a 48-carat diamond chain, two $10,000 custom-made dog tags, a $24,500 women’s diamond bracelet, a $30,000 blue diamond watch, a $13,500 men’s wedding band, and $40,000 in assorted women’s jewelry. Oh yeah, we can’t forget there were also alleged $145,000 in diamond pendants made also.

I find it hard that a jewelry company would make up all of this on a rapper, or maybe they could exaggerate. Who knows. Apparently T.I. was allegedly making payments up until 2013, and then he just quit. The company’s owner is said to have reached out to no avail, causing him to file the suit.

T.I. claims that he never received any of the said jewelry, and he never signed any of the company’s invoices. Tip is also saying that the jewelry company still hasn’t provided any texts or emails to back up their claims either.

Rappers and their jewelry man. LOL I NEVER understand the jewelry hype. It just always looked like a waste of money to me. Carry on!

This is the most jewelry I’ve seen Tip sport in a while though to be honest!

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