Jhonni Blaze Says Drake Forgave Her For Their Unprotected Sex Comment


Photo via Drake’s Instagram

You know Drake loves his girls with some strippers and reality stars somewhere in the mix. The reality stars always end up “singing”, telling all of their business, but they do give him rave reviews LOL. Former Love & Hip Hop cast member Jhonni Blaze sat down with DJ Vlad to reveal that Deb Antney helped fix the situation between her and Drake. In a previous interview Jhonni said,

“He met me in the club, we hung out. We messed physically. On my behalf I should’ve used protection. I’m not pregnant.”

Jhonni says she doesn’t talk to Drake but she knows that they are good and all is forgiven. Drake how could you?! Not Drizzy?! Drake was out her smashing the heaux raw. LOL. Well it’s good to see all is well between them and that Jhonni is in a good place as she pursues a musical career.