Jim Jones Goes Off On Mona Scott-Young!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well in case you were wondering, Jim Jones is STILL not here for Mona Scott-Young.

Back in May, Jim called Mona Scott-Young an evil b-tch. With this said, we never really expected them to make up as he has previously stated that he doesn’t make up with people he’s made enemies out of.

Mona Scott-Young recently stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to chat about her career accomplishments and her transition from the music industry into reality television. Wendy asked Mona how the Love & Hip Hop franchise began and Mona touched briefly on Jim Jones originally having a show, and how Yandy Smith brought Jones to Mona as a client.

For Jones to be so p#####, Mona really didn’t say anything negative.

“Jim… they had done this deal with VH1 for him and his crew. Jim didn’t want to be doing reality. It was a show about the producers chasing him. I think at the time he was going through a rough patch; one of his boys had been killed. He just was not in TV mode at that point,” said Mona.

Mona said the deals were eventually over and he didn’t want to continue, so Jim took his talents to WE TV.

Although Mona didn’t say anything too offensive, that didn’t stop Jones from hopping on Instagram calling Mona everything but a child of God. Jones even suggested that he could have his mother Momma Jones fight her.

“Sombody tell this fat mss piggy d*ke p*ssy eatin h### having baby father keep my name out her p*ssy eating mouth @monascottyoung for I make my momma slap u wit a box of twinkies or I beat her at home husband punk hoe *ss up lol and Tht would b for free I take that law suit on Th [sic] gin [sic] like a champ play wit me ps u should b Thankin my [sic] I saved ur life other thn Tht u was doin bad And lookin bad ol cigerette mouth wouldnd f*ck u wit Th neighbors d*ck hope u got some brothers or nephews Tht love u so I have a reason to scrape 1 of them nighas up now back to th script on way to Th gym and we goin live.” posted Jim.

That sure escalated quickly! How may of you tune in to Love & Hip Hop? Is it your guilty pleasure?

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