Jim Jones Is Still On That Stuff That Almost Got Tekashi 69 “Super Violated”

Jim Jones

Illseed wants to know what “super violated” means and why Jim Jones is talking about it.

Honestly, I had to look it up, I admit it! What does “super violated mean,” people? Jim Jones was caught on tape by the feds saying, “He not a gang member no more. He was never a gang member. They going to have to violate shorty because shorty is on some bulls**t.” I never took that as an order, which I believe is the reason Jim never caught any sort of case in the matter, to be honest. But many people in the streets felt differently. Either way, Jim is still working AND…I don’t exactly know what “super violated” means.

So, it just means to me, “we need to mess you up severely.” Mel Murda would eventually say he wanted to “super-duper violate” Tekashi.  Mel Murda is doing football numbers now. Tekashi is still on the run. And Jim Jones is flourishing out here, but…popping off! He recently said on IG, “I can still get you super violated.”

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Anyway, I am pretty clear what it is something I never want to be witness myself. I know Jim is growing a lot in the business world, but clearly has ties to the streets. AllHipHop did a recent call with him so look out for that interview. I don’t think that they talked about anything “super violated” related.