Jim Jones Wants All Smoke With Jadakiss In A Verzuz!

Jim Jones

Jim Jones and Jadakiss are friends, but they are also extremely competitive! Jim Jones wants to “knockout” his friend on the Verzuz stage!

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I guess the Verzuz battle wasn’t enough for Jim Jones. As we have well documented over around these parts, Dipset was handed a mighty defeat when they tangled with The Lox/D-Block in New York City at Madison Square Garden. This was the most exciting versus to date. Well, Jim Jones is targeting Jadakiss for some reason. Clearly, Jadakiss was the star of that particular show and garnered the most rave reviews when it was said and done. Jim Jones wants a 1-on-1 battle.

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Is that so?

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Jim said he would “Jake Paul” Jadakiss! What? Jim might be smoking something to say that. First of all, why is he even referring to a half-a-boxer? But, Jim is basically saying he would Tyron Woodley Kiss aka THIS:

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I would prefer a Mike Tyson metaphor…

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I digress! Jim explained his position.

Jimmy is holding NYC down in a way Jada has not and Kiss and lyrically do thing’s Jim cannot. But….you know what it is. Jadakiss didn’t exactly comment, but he did kinda comment.

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Jadakiss tells Jim Jones: “Right plan wrong Man / BARS R US lol”

You all remember Jadakiss was our 2021 Person of the Year, right? that was off Verzuz! He killed that! Check out Grouchy Greg and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur giving Kiss the honors.