Rumors & Tidbits: Joe Budden, 50 Cent vs Jim Jones, Beef With Tip And Iggy Azalea!

The truth will set us all free and there are some facts coming out right now!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now, you know…I thought the whole Joe Budden/ Cyn Santana break-up was staged for TV. You know these Love and Hip-Hop relationships go! But, this thing is carrying on longer than I expected and there does not seem to be an end in sight! Cyn recently did an interview with “New York” from “Flavor Of Love” aka Tiffany Pollard and let it be known. She’s the happiest she’s ever been and she had to do that break up for her mental health.itale 

Now, this does not bode well in the “scripted for TV” way i thought. This seems REAL! 


Last year when we talked to Jim Jones, it was friendly with 50 Cent, but he did talk about shooting the fair one. At that point, it just seemed like they were going back and forth over silly stuff like lifting weights. But then this Tekashi business came flowing like the monthly. And some tried to implicate Mr. Jim Jones as something we know he ain’t – a snitch!!! But when 50 Cent put it out there, it went far and wide. It was NOT a good look for the Harlem Diplomat. When you throw FreeKey Zeke in the mix, you have an explosive situation. 

I don’t much see folks punching on each other, but it definitely seem like a fair one could happen. FreeKey is crazy! 


T.I. recently did an interview where he referred to Iggy Azalea as he worst blunder. Well, he had good reason, but it was probably stated wrong and could have been stated differently. Check it out.

This could get messy fast. I didn’t like their song “The Murder Business,’ but Iggy has not been too much trouble!