Joe Budden Claims He’s Better Than Lupe Fiasco


Joe Budden and Lupe Fiasco recently engaged in some friendly and competitive trash talking over on Twitter.

Joe Budden apparently responded to a fan who suggested that the two collaborate or start some beef on wax.

According to Budden, Fiasco has been scared of him for a while. Lupe caught wind of the Tweets and replied saying,

“Lawd! I don’t even know where to begin…”

Another fan tweeted that Lupe will certainly out rap Budden, but the the Slaughterhouse MC replied by saying,

“I love Lupe, but he’d have to prove that.”

Joe & Lupe took turns trading jokes that included Street Fighter related emojis. Although this fake feud is less serious than Joe’s feud with Drake, we’d have to ask who do you think would win in a rap battle between Joe Budden and Lupe Fiasco?