Joe Budden Is Still Unhappy With Earl Sweatshirt

Joe Budden and Earl Sweatshirt have a long-running history and it is still putting on miles in 2022.

“I put the phone down and go live life.” – Joe Budden

Earl Sweatshirt

Joe Budden is a funny dude, but he is doing things at the same time. He’s a whole podcaster. Anyway. A few years back Earl Sweatshirt did a lil skit and sort of mocked (understatement) Joe Budden. I actually never saw the skit, but did see screenshots from it and it looked funny. Joe was probably serious about not messing with Earl, but he’s not really into rap like that anymore. Why would he be into Earl? And saying no girls listen to that sort of music is not even a diss. That’s facts.

At any rate, I had to see the skits! I mean for goodness sake, that was a long time ago, when Earl was still a kid to me. So here is the skit.

This is hilarious.

This is not beef.

This is hilarious.

By the way, here is the whole podcast.