John Singleton Trashes ‘All Eyez On Me’, Says It Was Worse Than The Aaliyah Movie


(AllHipHop Rumors) I swear I haven’t seen people this divided over a biopic in a while. Usually the majority hates it, or the majority likes it.

While there is a good amount of folks who like the Tupac biopic, ‘All Eyez On Me’, there seems to be an even larger amount of people who hate it.

One of the early-on/original directors of the film, John Singleton, has been trashing the biopic long before he even saw what Benny Boom and L.T. Hutton did with it.

Singleton has been doing press runs for various projects that he’s working on, and when he sat down with Big Tigger, he went in on the film even more than he had done before.

“That debacle. They just made a movie. They didn’t think of it as a cultural event. They didn’t think in terms of something that was, something that affected our generation. So that’s why I’m really upset.”

Singleton also found it hard to believe that folks would listen to Hutton and Benny Boom over him when he said that they hadn’t made any movies. Apparently Singleton has also responded to the rumors about the scandalous scenes he wanted to allegedly add by saying there are things that really happened that people involved wanted to leave out.

“They made the Aaliyah version of ‘PAC, worse…. worse than that,” said Singleton.

Many people have expressed that the biopic felt like a TV/Lifetime biopic including 50 Cent.

I know many feel like the movie wasn’t stellar, but damn John, worse than the Aaliyah movie. The only thing I thought could top Aaliyah was when Flex played Michael Jackson.

What do you think about Singleton’s claims?

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