Is A Joint Album From Future & Ralo On The Way?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like there is a new joint project on the way!

Ralo recently took to Instagram to reveal that he and Future have a joint project that will be released soon. Unfortunately fans have a little wait ahead of them as they don’t plan to drop the project until the top of 2018.

Ralo also touched on the fact that Future picks on him for being the only rapper making $30k and still living in a bando!

“@future say I’m the only rapper making $30k every weekend an still living in the hood… ??? I’m always giving back to the community, I’m always looking out for the kids and homeless. I can’t wait till the first of the year we gone drop us ah super project… He will announce the details soon…,” posted Ralo.

Would you be interested in hearing a collaborative effort from these two? Who should produce the project?

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