JR Smith Says He & Wife Have Been Separated For Months Following Her Instagram Breakdown

JR Smith said what he said and he said he and his wife haven’t been together for months so let him do him in peace.

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you’ve been following the blogs I’m sure you’ve heard about the entire JR Smith cheating allegation.

Well if you haven’t, here’s a rundown. So basically basketball player JR Smith has been creeping and cheating on his wife with The Flash actress, Candice Patton. His wife, Jewel Harris Smith took to Instagram live to say a prayer to “help and heal” her husband. 

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Smith and Payton have been allegedly dating since October of 2018. The Smiths have been married for three years and share three daughters together.

The NBA free agent wanted to clear a few things up about his relationship with his wife. According to JR, he and his wife have been separated for months. 

Looks like he just wants to live his life in peace without being scrutinized by the world because of his wife. 

My personal opinion on it is that Jewel has known about his alleged “affair” with Candice for some time now, and before they (Patton and her husband) went public, she wanted to eliminate any embarrassment and judgment coming her way. So, she decided to take their problems publicly and what better way to do so than Instagram?

What y’all think? Do you think Jewel should have kept things to herself? Is it wrong for JR to move on so fast amid separation?