Who Wins A Verzuz Between Memphis Bleek And Juelz Santana?

Memphis Bleek and Juelz Santana

Bleek and Santana is heating up, but who do you see winning this potential Verzuz battle?

Memphis Bleek. Juelz Santana.

A fight broke out. Memphis Bleek and Juelz Santana have been going back-and-forth on social media, in an attempt to drum up interest in the Verzuz battle.

I will be honest, and say that I don’t think anybody wants to see this. But since the back-and-forth continues, let’s talk about it. First things first, Juelz Santana was a part of the Dipset battle with The Lox and that didn’t turn out too well.

However, Juelz had to share the stage in the hits with his Harlem Homies. That was not just him. So now he wants to take on either Lloyd Banks or Memphis Bleek. They attempted to play Memphis Bleek on the weak side and move straight to Lloyd Banks. When I say, I mean him and Jim Jones. But, Memphis Bleek would have no parts of it. He lashed back! And he said bring your rhymes, not your jewels. 

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Now, I ask you. Who do you see winning this potential battle!?

First of all, I see Memphis Bleek as a member of a great dynasty in Hip-Hop: Rocafella Records. That means he has hits that extend way beyond his solo catalog. His solo catalog yields a number of bangerz as well. We cannot overlook some of the sleepier songs and albums that he’s done, but the quality of the music is really there. Most people regard him as Jay Z‘s little guy, but people like myself know better.

Juelz Santana is also regarded as the youngest member of Dipset. He has a solo and star quality of his own. And so therefore, he’s experienced tremendous highs as a solo act. I must say after the Dipset and D-Block battle, I don’t know for sure that this will go Juelz Santana‘s way. I could be wrong, but are already seeing Jim Jones in the mix a little too much already. To me, this doesn’t bode well for him standing on his own two feet. If it’s Juelz Santana versus Memphis Bleek, let the big Homie stand down. We know Jay-Z is not coming into this. Neither is Cam.

Verzuz has apparently put a contract and some bread on the table. So, the ball seems to be squarely on Juelz. Bleek is down. There have been a lot of jokes, but that could be just trolling to cause a social media furor. That is working.

What do you think?