Just Face It—The Biebers Are Goals & Hailey’s Mantra On Matching Outfits Proves It

Justin Bieber Haily Bieber

Take that, Bad Bunny and Kendal Jenner.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Hailey and Justin Bieber are famous—like damn near Taylor Swift famous. Hailey’s latest feature for GQ has seemingly proven the aforementioned while also highlighting yet another factor adding to the monolithic lore of their relationship. Of course, there’s a sultry photoshoot accompanying Hailey’s new interview in which she discussed her own meteoric rise to fame as a supermodel, brand owner and entrepreneur.

Additionally, Hailey went on to discuss her and Justin’s shared stardom as husband and wife—and the idea they are a mismatched, match made in heaven. Yes, Hailey had time today for all you haters in the comments of her photos saying her and Biebs never match.

“It’s so funny because I see so many people talk about this…,” Hailey said in part. “He may want to wear baggy sweats to dinner, and I might want to wear a tiny little dress just because that’s how I’m feeling. We can’t sit there and be like, ‘So I’m going to wear this and you’re going to wear this.’”

Ladies, I humbly ask that you keep this same energy with your man, because honestly, the coordinated fits are getting kind of played out. I get it, we got Hypbeast and Hypebae over here gunning for couple of the year in matching Panda Dunks and Balenciaga t-shirts—but at the same time, that s### kinda tacky. Let your man express himself, even if that means he’s rocking a bedazzled Spongebob shirt. CLAIM YO LOVE!

Also, eat your heart out Selena Gomez fans! JK! That was uncalled for, Miss Gomez is thriving right now let me G###.