Justin Timberlake And…HIV Meds?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is all in the headlines, but one rumor has been debunked before it got going.

Hey there! As you may have heard, Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving under the influence. The initial reports were straightforward: he was driving around Long Island, allegedly drunk out of his mind. But slowly, more details began to emerge. Simply put, Justin was allegedly on multiple substances. However, these details are all speculative and likely wrong.

One particularly concerning allegation is that he was taking HIV medication. Now, I’m not sure if people are using AIDS medication recreationally because it’s something new. Still, typically, HIV medicine is taken if someone has been infected by the virus that causes AIDS. This is unbelievable! Literally!

Justin and his representatives deny that he is on such medication or was even driving drunk. While he failed a sobriety test, they did not do any other testing on him. This means they do not know he was on other “stuff.” This is a terrible look for him. Look at his mugshot, though, because it looks crazy. Well, it seems like somebody impersonated a credible site and made these crazy claims. So, there’s that. It seems like it is all the way false.

STILL, my sources are telling me this was a really good clean up job. Either way, god bless him. I don’t know him like that so I’ll wish him well for now.