Kanye West Chooses Violence Again! Shows All His Teeth!

Kanye West

Kanye is at it again.

Kanye West has chosen violence! I don’t know what it is about September 1, but the Louis Vuitton Don has opted to cause chaos on our social media feeds.

First of all, Kanye has not posted anything on Twitter recently. So you must go to Instagram in order to see exactly what the hell is going on. As I write this, I am going to his social media.

And what do I see?! Violence!

First of all, this tirade starts off with a condemnation of Kim Kardashian. Basically, he says that his kids are going to his school named after his mother, Donda. Apparently he objects to the curriculum of the school that they are going to now and then name-checked Kwanzaa.

But this is all about the kids! Kanye West is at war with the Kardashians! He insists he is not crazy. He does admit he “was driven crazy before.”

MAN…He’s annoying me!

Check this out!