Is Kanye West Starting A Cult?

Kanye West is a god, but Jesus is King.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who remembers when Kanye West called himself a god and not in the same vein as the Nation of Gods and Earths? I remember!

Here we are on the eve of Kanye West starting a new cult, I mean, dropping a new album called Jesus Is King. How is he a god and Jesus a king? Anyway! I am wondering why it did not drop on Friday as scheduled? I don’t know at all, but I think it may be so that it could drop on Sunday. 

Last night, Kanye reportedly let people in Detroit hear the looming spiritual-based opus. But they said it wasn’t finished. So, was this delay for buzz-building purposes or did people actually get a version of the album that was not complete. Either way, they are saying it will be ready tomorrow JUST in time for another Sunday Service for the good people of Detroit. Now, will he try to part the crowd like Moses, another highly regarded religious figure? 

I think not!

Anyway, just a year ago, Kanye West was a Trump-loving, MAGA hat wearing maniac that proclaimed that slaving was “a choice.” I have not forgotten that, but I suspect a lot of people have. Some have forgiven. Others have not. Either way, Yeezus has managed to change his perception in the era that prides itself on cancelling people! That is a mighty feat!

However…the use of Christianity to do this is questionable to say the least! What do you say, Christians? Non-Christians? Alleged Cult members? Speak up!