Texts Between Kanye West and His Ex-Engineer Get Leaked, and They’re Hilarious

Kanye West

“Stop texting. Go find God.”

Kanye West continues to make headlines by trolling the ever-living s##t out of everybody.

DJ Akademiks recently got his hands on texts between the 808s & Heartbreak rapper and his (apparently now-ex) engineer. And while the texts were nothing if not savage, they were also — in typical Kanye West fashion — hilarious.

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The first text, allegedly sent by Ye at 9:34 a.m. on an unspecified date, greeted the engineer with “Good morning. Let’s work.”

About two hours later, when no response was forthcoming, Kanye West texted the engineer again. “You’re fired,” he said. “Go home.”

This prompted a rather hysterical response from the engineer (whose name, apparently, has not been revealed — which is probably better for his sake, if he ever wants to find work again).

“I’m really sorry — I have no excuse — I set an alarm for 7:30,” he wrote. “And for whatever reason, my phone wasn’t alerting me. I woke up at 11:08 to missed calls, and got dressed as fast as I could. I didn’t call back right away cause I was in panick [sic] trying to find a ride. I know this is unacceptable. I’m sorry.”

Without missing a beat, Kanye West replied in typical deadpan fashion.

“Stop texting,” he wrote. “Go find God.”

No comment yet from Yeezy about the matter — but we’ll keep you posted if he does reply.