Kanye West’s Brunch Turns To Junk!

Kanye West is at the center of a bad plate of food at a Black church.

(AllHipHop Rumors) One of the best ways to get Black people on your side has been through the church. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s but we know that a nice donations gets you God’s favor in the church. Kanye is no stranger to religious imagery but this is a different scenario. He is directly working through churches. And the results have been very mixed – to say THE LEAST.

Kanye’s “Brunchella” in Baton Rouge is making the social media rounds these days and Yeezus is getting roasted for it. 

A woman named Kimberly Kinchen made that showed this stank plate of food! 

Not only does it look nasty, Kim says the brunch buffet was cold and asked for her 1st Sunday Bread Back! Why? She says she paid $54.66 for a ticket to Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” and that included the brunch. There were thousands of fans out Friday evening to see West at Bethany Church. The rapper performed several songs from his new album Jesus is King and he did it all in front of an 80-piece chorus and band, according to local reports. 

I have to give him his credit. He still is a friend and a supporter of a racist, xenophobic White supremacist and YET…still get people of color’s support.

Kanye West is really causing a stir over a Fyre Festival looking lunch! In his defense, he probably had nothing to do with it, but we are going to blame him anyway.