Kanye West May Get His Chance To Bring More Hip Hop To The Grammys


Kanye West went on yet another Twitter rant recently. This time much of the rant was directed at the Recording Academy and The Grammys about their lack of support and complete inclusion of Hip Hop. Kanye wants to make The Grammys culturally relevant again as he feels like those in charge are way out of touch. He also says some artists don’t get the chance to perform because The Grammys like their black people a certain way. ‘Ye tweeted,

“First order of business. We the people need to see Future at the Grammys. We need to see Young Thug at the Grammys. Not just me and Jay in a suit.”

“Neil please reach out as soon as possible so we can make the Grammys culturally relevant again.”

“Has anyone at the Grammys ever heard March Madness??? Yes I have a problem with the Grammys.”

“You like your black people a certain way also. You wouldn’t have Future perform and that man owned the clubs last summer.”

It looks like Kanye is going to get that sit down meeting with those behind The Grammys as the President of The Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, tweeted Kanye from The Grammys’ account saying,

“Hit me up and let’s have that sit down.”

We shall see what happens!

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