Kanye West May Not Have Been Responsible For The Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Meet Up


Photo via Amber Rose’s Instagram

Although Kanye West made the statement that he has the kind of love to turn exes into best friends, he may not have actually been fully responsible for Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose burying the hatchet. Apparently it was all Kim K’s idea. Well we’ve heard Kim is known for paying off people to make problems go away. Maybe she cut a check, or presented a collaborative business opportunity. According to an E! News insider, Kim reached out to Amber and asked her to meet her at her mother Kris Jenner’s home so that they could talk. We guess she felt bad about Yeezy’s comments about her child. According to the source, they squashed all beef, and Amber thinks Kim is great. Apparently Amber met up with Kim right before partying with her best friend Blac Chyna. Mannn Kanye has everyone in on this pre-album release publicity.