Kanye West Prepares To Lyrically Respond To Jay-Z


(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like Kanye West is about to get his get-back on “big brother” Jay-Z. This is starting to feel like a scripted reality show. Nevertheless, this is happening. No more Batman and Robin. Aka – no more big brother stuff. I am glad. To me, Kanye and and Jay-Z needed some distance musically, especially seeing Kanye on the downslope creatively. Jay took a long break but he definitely showed his ability to come through on the albums. This rumor is confirmed on the new Joe Budden podcast, where they say they had a conversation with the dude. They said Kanye isn’t feeling Jay and he’s coming with bars. I don’t know exactly what is going on with Jay and Kanye. But it seems like Kanye West feels Jay could’ve said something to him way before this album came out.

The itty bitty mention starts at the 1:33:45 mark.

Kim K better stay in her place too or the BeyHive is going to sting, not that I care about that sort of thing.