Kanye West Yearns To Take His Kids To Space Amid Crazy Custody Battle?

Kanye West

Up, up, — AND — away from all the bitter drama. Are Ye and his his kids headed to outer space?

So, the relationship between Ye and Kim K continues to begrudgingly transform itself. Of course, the focus is shifting from romance to co-parenting. As of late, Hollywood Life shockingly alludes that Kanye West yearns to take his kids to space.

Thus far, these two have spawned a litany of acrimonious interactions. So, it seems as though anything is possible. Generally speaking, the Jeenn-Yuhs MC may go to great lengths to protect his children’s safety.

By all means, the drama is real. As a a matter of fact, there have been instances of a claymation decapacitation and the conjuring of a clone. On the whole, as more time passes, Yeezy’s divorce is becoming more contentious.

The Backstory

However, Mr. West appears to be fully invested into fortifying the well-being of his children. This is where things get interesting. The Jeenn-Yuhs MC has allegedly contemplated his personal “out-of-this-world experience.” The gossip rag shares that Space’X’s Elon Musk an the revolutionary rapper have had many discussions.

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“Kanye and Elon have talked about taking a space flight together — but there has not been discussions on an exact date or exact time to do it,” reveals a confidential informant. “They are friends and talk about everything but they don’t have set plans to go together although the discussion has been had.”

The Future

However, the avant-garde artist is in no way trying to isolate his children. Moreover, he views the space travel as a way to uniquely demonstrate his creativity. “If and when Elon invites him on a trip, he’d want to do something on top of it just being a trip, he’d want to perform or do something completely out of the box and make a certain statement with it rather than it just being him going into space,” claims the strategic snitch.

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Furthermore, the idea of conducting a “listening party in space” reportedly resonates with legendary lyricist. “He also would like to add his kids to the potential trip,” says the source. “He wants to make it as unique as possible and not have it just be a ten-minute flight. “

Ultimately, Kanye West seems interested in taking his kids to space. This is only for a quick 10-minute flight.