Kat Stacks Returns, Reportedly Busts Up Ak Da Gwala’s TV

Kat Stacks

There was a time that the name ‘Kat Stacks’ would send shudders through the industry. That time seems to have returned.

Kat Stacks seemed to be a relic of the early 2010s. For a period of time before the existence of such things as Snapchat and TikTok, the notorious hip-hop groupie (can you even say “groupie” anymore? Is it politically correct? Whatever — even The Hollywood Reporter said as much about her) was spilling the tea on everyone from Lil Wayne to Soulja Boy.

And remember that time that even Snoop Dogg got stuck in the Kat Stacks web when he was (allegedly) cheating with Celina Powell, the Great Value version of the notorious hip-hop groupie? We certainly do.

Things got so crazy in the saga that Lil Twist’s auntie once grabbed her by the hair and forced her to apologize for all the lies she told about her baby. Yikes.

Of course, it later comes out that Kat Stacks was trafficked at the age of 14. Not only is it terrible, but it makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things.

Well, anyway, a recent Instagram post by Ak Da Gwala had a very special guest in it: Kat Stacks.

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When questioned by fans why the notorious hip-hop groupie was up in his crib, another fan helpfully responded that the rapper was providing a place for her while she waited for his friend.

This prompted Ak Da Gwala to reply, “I never touched her! That’s why she broke my TV!”

Some things never change.