Keith Murray Talks More About Shawnna & Ludacris

Keith Murray

Keith Murray is a trending topic on social media for all the right reasons!

Keith Murray has a lot of people talking! Murray is a rapper from the 1990s who scored several major hits. He was a part of the Def Squad crew, which is one of the dopest collections of rappers, especially from the East Coast. Now, Murray has given away all of his sex stories from the ’90s. WOW. 

He’s turned off quite a few people and yet he’s getting all of the attention from the internet. This begs the question: “What do we want? “I don’t know the answer, but I do know it ain’t class! When I saw Keith Murray trending, I never thought it was due to death.

We witnessed him perform at The D.O.C.’s film release, screening and party. He was performing on stage in tribute to The D.O.C., but they had to forcibly remove him from the stage. He was doing the most! Anyway, Keith Murray has mentioned Foxy Brown and Shawnna in his exploits of sex and debauchery. With Fox, he said he got top and from Shawnna, he says he gave it. My dude has me thinking he’s telling the truth. He’s giving all the “goss” and “scalding hot tea.” 

Anyway, I have long heard Murray is on that “stuff.” And the source I have is adamantly sticking with that assertion. BUT, I can tell you this. One rumor is not true. Keith Murray is not on CRACK. Again, “the most beautifullest thing in this world” is not crack for the Long Island rap master. 

I am happy to hear that, but I am hearing of other things that he may be into. And these new interview clips are cray enough to keep those rumors alive. Anyway, whatever it takes, I guess.

Here’s a more interesting interview below.