Kendrick Lamar Has 500 Unreleased Songs On A Hard Drive…His Plan!

Kendrick Lamar album art

Kendrick Lamar has a vault of music that we have yet to hear…we’re talking over 500 songs at the least.

Kendrick Lamar has over 500 songs in a hard drive that he can’t seem to fix.

In an interview with Big Boy, the West Coast interview OG, he talked about having a vault of songs. At first he said he had thousands of songs that have been unreleased. And then he switched it up to say there were about 500 songs. Either way, yes!

He said the songs are lost in a hard drive that has some issues and they cannot retrieve the data. But, Big Boy said that he could get it off for him and begin to negotiate immediately. He said that he would do it if K-Dot gave him a free concert for his kids. Kendrick did agree to that.

I don’t know how far they’ll take this, but imagine a bunch of new songs from Kendrick Lamar! I can’t imagine! I am still buzzing off Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, but I will certainly take that.

By the way this was done in a live feed on Kendrick’s own YouTube page, so I believe it is actually an older interview that was re-released. And he expanded on a number of things surrounding his music, but the new album was not mentioned. This is an amazing interview, and really allows him to expound on the depth of his artistry. BUT, it seemed like it was an oldie, but goodie!

I wonder if Top Dawg will claim ownership of those songs? Either way, I am sure they will work it out.

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