Was Kendrick Lamar Taking Shots At Big Sean Also?


(AllHipHop Rumors) K. Dot is back!

Last night Kendrick Lamar released a new track called “The Heart Part 4”. Although the song hit the net kind of late, it set Hip Hop and K. Dot fans, as well as Black Twitter and Black Instagram ablaze.

Drake wasn’t the only person folks thought Kendrick was taking shots at. Many felt that Lamar was also taking shots at Big Sean.

“My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil sh-t. I’ll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil b-tch. Tip-toeing around my name n-gga you lame. When I get at you homie don’t just tell me you was just playing’. ’I was just playing K.Dot c’mon you know a n-gga rock with you bro’. Shut the f-ck up you sound like the last n-gga I know. Might end up like the last n-gga I know. Oh you don’t want to clash? Yeah n-gga I know,” rapped Kendrick.

Kendrick went on to rap,

“Hoe, Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit ya punk ass down.”

Folks felt this may be a reference to Sean’s ‘Hall Of Fame’ album and the fact that Jay just gave him a Roc chain. Others still speculated that that line was aimed at Drake.

Remember, people thought Big Sean took a couple of jabs at Kendrick on his verse in “No More Interviews”. Big Sean was talking about a rapper who rapped fast sounding like one big asthma attack. He also said that the said rapper was claiming to be the savior of rap. People always said Big Sean was salty since Kendrick washed him on “Control” too.

I hate subliminals man. Put some names on that shhhhh. Why can’t more rappers be like Remy Ma and put some names on it and @ them and tag them. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kendrick was talking about Big Sean?