Kevin Gates Calls Black Lives Matter Movement Bullsh*t Because Of Black On Black Crime


Well your favorite rapper Kevin Gates won’t be on the front line of any Black Lives Matters marches anytime soon.

The recent incidents of injustice and police brutality have truly exposed the mindsets of some of these celebrities.

The outspoken Kevin Gates has recently expressed that he doesn’t believe in the Black Lives Matter movement because blacks continuously kill each other.

While black on black crime will always need to be addressed, that doesn’t mean the BLM movement is wrong for fighting for justice and equality in the names of those who lost their lives due to police brutality, other races (who aren’t convicted) etc. Kevin recorded a video saying,

“We kill each other. We lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses. The car pass by we wet the whole car up and kill everyone in the car. As soon as a white boy kill one of us everyone go to hooping and hollering and all that stupid a– sh-t. When you stand for something you have to stand for something all of the way.”

While both problems need to be addressed, it doesn’t mean BLM is BS like Kevin claims it is. What are your thoughts?