Kevin Gates Calls Kobe Bryant A Snitch!


Kevin Gates was one of the people who sat out on celebrating Kobe Bryant’s last game. Gates says he can’t rock with Kobe because Kobe is a snitch.

“That n*gga a rat man,” said Gates.

Back when Kobe was facing rape accusations/charges his words were,

“I should’ve paid them off like Shaq”.

Kobe told investigators that Shaq would pay women a lot of money to stay quiet. Basically many feel that Kobe had no reason to bring Shaq into his own drama. We guess it’s just funny to hear other people’s opinions on others when there is so much going on in their own lives i.e) Gates’ drug use, having sex with his cousin, kicking women in the chest etc. Regardless, Gates wants you to know he doesn’t support snitches. Some people decided to point out to Gates that he was a former drug dealer and convicted felon that poisoned his own people, so he had no room to worry about a man snitching on another man’s sexual activities outside of his marriage. Well it looks like Gates also has some new problems of his own as he can’t release another album until next February. What are your thoughts?

Kevin Gates