Kevin Gates Issues A Warning To Any Police Officers Who Violate His Family


Kevin Gates is never one to hold back or bite his tongue, but his recent comments on Instagram might get him so unwanted extra attention from the government.

Gates truly upset his fans last week by calling the Black Lives Matter movement BS, because he believed that people couldn’t protest with the movement with blacks killing blacks daily.

Gates says that you have to stand up against it all, and not pick and choose when you decide to get on the front lines. Although Kevin doesn’t seem to think those protesting, are handling the issues of police brutality correctly, he makes it crystal clear that he will kill an officer’s family if they violate his.

Gates reflected on Instagram after being asked how would he respond to a police officer causing harm to a member of his family, to which he replied saying,

“B-tch yo whole family gonna die instantly…. If a police search my daughter and put his finger in her p-ssy his whole family gonna die. A n-gga disrespect my son slap him, touch him, scratch him whatever yo family gonna die instantly.”

This is interesting, it sounds like he’s doing the same “hoopin’ and hollerin'” that he complained about others doing about incidents of injustice. What are your thoughts?