Kevin Gates Says Beats By Dre Sound Like Sh*t!


Kevin Gates never minds sharing his opinion, and this time he decided to share how he felt about the oh-so-popular Beats By Dre headphones.

Gates says he’s spent thousands of dollars on Beats By Dre headphones and they sound like sh-t. Gates stated that there are other headphones out there that sound way better. Basically he explains that he’s into quality and he pays attention to detail.

Gates says he had to tell the people over at Beats that they sound like sh-t, and they are just loud!

Beats By Dre has certainly made a lot of money over the years from loyal consumers, but in your opinion are the headphones of great quality?

Well that’s not all for Kevin.

Remember he’s confessed to eating booty like groceries, engaging in sexual activities with his own cousin, and now he’s admitted to using heroin also.

Gates was rapping along to a freestyle were he said,

“Lean keep a n-gga cool…That dog food I used to use it… I’m going hard with the music… Cocaine distributor.”

Dog food is a slang term for heroin given the drug’s appearance in raw form. Ohhhhhh Kevin. He may be leaking music soon as Atlantic won’t let him put out any music until next February.