Key Glock Fan Knows “Real” Reason He Posted About In-N-Out Fries

Key Glock "All of That"

This is definitely an “AYO” moment if it’s true.

Key Glock fans are either hyper-observant or obsessed because there’s really no other explanation for how they snuffed out the alleged origins of his recent viral tweet.

In case you hadn’t caught on by now, Glizock recently stirred up social media after tweeting “In n Out got da worst fries inna WORLD,” emphatically stamped with a puke face emoji.

Right out the gate, it appeared Glock had the timeline split down the middle like the Red Sea as replies such as “cuz they are made out of cardboard” and “have to get animal fries” poured into the thread. However, one Twitter (X) user pointed it what could be an even more blatant reason why he shared the message in the first place.

“Isn’t that a coincidence she posted them,” the user wrote on a screenshot of a tweet adult film star Jada Stevens shared of In-N-Out fries.

This could be a very strange coincidence, or Glizock may have just gotten caught up tweet watching.

Check out the wild post below.