How Did Key Glock’s Money Get Dragged Into Battle Rap World + Remy Ma & Papoose Rumors?

Key Glock

Key Glock has 11 million Spotify Listeners—What are we even talking about bro?

Key Glock has now been dragged into the infidelity rumors swirling within the battle rap world around Remy Ma and husband Papoose. Last weekend, Remy Ma hosted a new edition of her Chrome 23 battle rap league featuring top battle rappers Eazy The Block Captain—who Remy Ma is rumored to be cheating on Papoose with—and Geechi Gotti. Without question, Gotti took aim at Remy Ma and accused her of being unfaithful to Papoose with Eazy Pap.

While Remy Ma has seemingly denied the rumors, fans everywhere are speculating on what happened and that’s where Glizzock makes his random entrance stage left courtesy of battle rapper Calicoe.

“Imagine thinking battle rappers don’t make more money a show than some of your favorite rappers,” Calicoe wrote in a quoted reply to a tweet alleging battle rappers make $200 per battle. “Imagine not knowing that EAZY prolly make more money for 9 mins of rap than Key Glock can get 4 a 50min show. Imagine thinking ‘real rappers’ got some money.”

While the facts may be that battle rappers such as Eazy and the currently incarcerated TSU Surf have been getting to the bag, it’s a whole other ball game to talk about what Key Glock is doing. Bro just announced the Canadian leg of his tour in support of his Glockoma 2 (Deluxe) album. He has more than 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone—bro isn’t signed to Paper Route Empire for nothing. We can clearly see he’s getting to it.

And it appears he’s aware he’s in a completely different league as well, considering the Memphis lyricist seemingly responded to the sneak-diss with a flex of his own.

“Must don’t know Glock own all his masters and still independent,” Glock tweeted hours after Calicoe’s initial statement. At the end of the day, this is crazy. Y’all better put some respect on Key Glock’s name. This man is a direct descendant of the late, great Young Dolph—so what we’re not about to do is act like he’s not one of the top artists to ever blow up from the city of Memphis.