Khia Lashes Back At Trina After Being Called A “Bum” & “Scumbag”

Khia is not really one to play with but when Trina said she’s “not on her level,” Khia turned on the disrespect!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Trina and Khia are two queens of the south, for different reasons. I will not expound simply, because I don’t want no smoke at all! I will say this: I am not sure how a battle with Khia or Trina would work. I will leave it at that. Trina took it a step father and said that Khia was NOT on her level. Her exact words “you are beneath me” and she’s a “bum.” She also said “You are a scumbag.” LOL! I ain’t heard that word in a long time!

Anyway, Khia came back with a vengeance. 

Here is another point of view that really tries to buck Trina’s view of herself.