Kid Cudi Says He’s Planning On Disappearing From Music For A Few Years

Kid Cudi

Could “Insano” be the last project we get from Kid Cudi for years to come?

Kid Cudi fans might want to latch on to the idea of the Cleveland native’s upcoming Insano album being 40 tracks long considering the Man on the Moon is contemplating returning to Earth from orbit.

The “Tequila Shots” rapper actually laid it all out on X Tuesday (October 3), essentially explaining his plan to put out more than three dozen records at once is because of what lies ahead for his career.

“Some people think its too much but I kinda wanna chill after this for a lil and write some movies and act and I wanna give yall enough so if i decide to disappear for a couple years u wont trip,” he wrote.

To be honest, if Kid Cudi plans to give us more material such as his animated Netflix series Entergalactic or the raunchy, slasher A24-produced horror flick X, I’m all for his musical hiatus. Looking back at his career, Cudi has kept nearly every promise he’s made to his fans—from the deliverance of Man On The Moon III: The End Of The Day to the streaming liberation of his debut project A Kid Named Cudi. As fans, we gotta let bro breathe, honestly. Rest assured, though, Cudder is going out with a bang!

Check out a few of the other tweets detailing Kid Cudi’s rollout plan for Insano in addition to the outline for his upcoming set of live concerts.