Kim And Kanye In Divorce Talks – Divorce Imminent

Kim and Kanye Are Heading Towards Divorce Court!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are over.

She is finished with Kanye West and everything that comes with him! According to multiple sources and multiple news outlets, the pair have tried to reconcile their relationship through marital counseling but the marital counseling led to divorce.

In fact, Kim has already hired a divorce lawyer and they are currently in settlement talks. The 40-year-old and the 43-year-old have not been seen together in quite some time and they haven’t lived together since the dawn of the pandemic. Kim stopped wearing her ring. Kanye has been in the Wyoming ranch whereas Kim has been in California with her family. Both were criticized for having far too many people in their orbit during COVID-19.

In one report by the New York Post they said that Kim has tried resolutely to deal with Kanye and his mental health issues and is now a different person than when they first met. She is actually trying to become a lawyer and even pass the bar (wink, wink). Kanye obviously has been trying to run for president and he has never had a shot at winning. Kim is sick of it!

Remember in July, Kanye said he had been trying to get divorced and that never happened so the writing has been on the wall for some time. I am surprised he made it this far.