Kim Kardashian Has A Pregnancy Scare


Kim Kardashian recently had a pregnancy scare and decided to Snap Chat her way through finding out the results. Kim was so nervous that she purchased pregnancy tests from Clearblue, E.P.T., and First Response. Although Kim K has stated in the past that pregnancy is not for her, a grinning Kanye West told Ellen that the couple may have more children in the future. Kim Said,

“I’m legit in the airplane bathroom and I’m going to take a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare. So, no big deal.”

Well the results of Kim’s Clearblue pregnancy test read “not pregnant.” Kim expressed during her last pregnancy that both times around she experienced a lot of issues. Even though Kim may not want to have anymore children, it seems like Kanye may be trying to get her regardless. What do you think they would name their third child?