Bars & Basketball: LeBron Helped To Secure More Music From Kendrick?


Photo Credit: Instagram

Last week, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith alluded that he has amassed a stash of unreleased Kendrick Lamar songs. On Twitter, the TDE captain piqued the public’s interest. He mentioned, “I got Em for my own personal use…”

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Following that announcement, LeBron James crafted a passionate plea to Top Dawg.  Taking to his Twitter, the  Cleveland Cavalier  asked, “Yo after that Grammy performance , you have to release those untitled tracks asap!!! What’s up? Talk to me.”

In conjunction with the public’s outcry, and King James’ direct appeal, unreleased music from the Good Kid may be on the way. Last night (Feb. 23), the contemplative C.E.O. used the social media platform to issue a reply. “Dam my n**** u on my head 2…The fans been killing me. Y’all just backed me in a corner..Give me a few days 2 think,”  he wrote.

Anticipation is everything.