Cap Or No Cap: King Von Said He And FBG Duck Were OK When He Died!

King Von talks a lot, but is he cappin'...about his relationship to FBG Duck?

(AllHipHop Rumors) King Von is one of the most notorious rap artists to come out of Chicago Illinois. The rapper openly professes to have killed numerous people, in his raps as well as in his real life a few weeks ago FBG Duck was tragically murdered while shopping for his son.

“Me and Duck settled Our differences right before he passed. We was talking bout bringing everybody together as a whole n changing da community for the better. Imma still stand on dat Sh*t. every step of the way imma be thinking of u. Even doe u dissed my dead homies and family.” 

So is he lying or telling the truth?

Might not be cap! Von also said he and Duck worked on a song, “KingVon ft. FBG Duck.” I will make sure we post it if it drops!

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