Kirk Franklin Apologizes, But Should He?

Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin has let us know that he’s sorry for cussing loudly.

A lot of people are talking about Kirk Franklin. I am not sure what all the chitchat is about, but let’s run down the situation really fast. First of all, Kirk Franklin and his 32-year-old son have a very bad relationship (their words). I previously reported that he was 33 but he has a birthday in May, per Mr. Franklin. At any rate this grown man took an argument, recorded it and then distributed it on the Internet for all to hear. His Instagram following is relatively low but the attention he has garnered from this particular situation has grown his following fast. I think that was the mission to begin with.

So here’s the deal and I think we have a generational situation going on here. But this guy is not that young, so there’s that. Anyway, whatever happened prior to Kirk Franklin spazzing on his son is more or less a mystery. But OG Franklin gave us some tidbits of information and an apology that he released today. Basically, Kirk revealed that his whole family has a problem with this particular son and that they have history in this regard. He also said that he attempted to get a therapist included in the fun family festivities before it turned toxic. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the resulting audio was sauce spilled all over the Internet.

We have now a discussion publicly about what happened privately. Kirk Franklin apologized to us, the public, for something that is extremely private. Also, he apologized really for the actions of someone who violated a trust and code within the family. This is not a child, a teenager, or someone that’s handicapped and beholden to their parents. This is a grown man that’s acting like an abused child. He is not that, but he is acting like one in my opinion. How long this has been going on is anyone’s guess, but that is THEIR business. So personally I don’t even accept the apology that Kirk Franklin issued, because I really don’t see that he was wrong. If he owes his son an apology, he would’ve done that, but he didn’t. A lot of people will judge him because he supposed to be this super Christian artist, but he’s a human first. Secondly, he’s a brother! And I am certain that he has his limitations. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments.

Here is the apology in question:

Anyway, I was going to post a bunch of social media, but I ain’t. I think the problem is this includes people that are not privy to that man’s business.

Here one lol

By the way, this is what the son had to say.

Dogs  said he forgave him. Boom. And if you 33/32, just live your life, bro. Walk away and live in your truth.

Here is Kirk’s latest. It’s pretty deep.