Kirk Franklin’s Son Seems To Make A Startling Revelation

Kirk Franklin

As the world burns…is something awry here!?

It looks like Kirk Franklin has some more issues. His son, who is now kind of famous, seems to be suggesting that Mr. Franklin abused him. I am not sure but this is sort of what the rumors are starting to circulate. And when I say rumors I mean some of these gossip magazines.

No, it just seems like there’s a lot of smoke here and when I mean smoke I mean accusations. Serious accusations. Are they valid, who knows? But I’ve never gotten any type of molester vibes from Kirk Franklin. The internet sleuths have looked into some audio that was released that Kirk Franklin’s son apparently said. I do not know what Kirk Franklin’s seed sounds like so I have no ability to verify or validate the audio. I am not here to defend anyone that is molesting children, but hoping they heal.

I suppose something could’ve happened, right? I don’t know, this is a mess! It feels like a hit job though and that part I will be honest about. It feels like a seek and destroy mission we are the audio came first, now these molestation charges are being levied at a very well respected individual. I knew nothing, but my feelings stand on the ground that this is a hit job.

And they are doing a good job, if it is.

If somebody molested you…say it, report it.