Kodak Black Says He’s Being Tortured, Forced To Poop On Himself

Kodak Black has done some bad things, which is why he is in jail. But he’s suing the bureau of prisons for a good reason.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kodak Black better be careful! The Florida bread wrapper charge is that the Federal Bureau of prisons forced him to poop on himself and was the victim of torture.

This is an extremely serious matter. The rapper claims that the Bureau of prisons as well as the director of the Big Sandy maximum-security prison has mistreated him greately.This is an extremely serious situation that includes a “gang beating” on his personal being, he was bleeding from his mouth, put on his knees, lacerations, vomiting AND MORE.

Kodak is atoning for some sins, which is why he is in jail, but that does not mean he deserves to be treated like sh*t. Speaking of, he maintains they made him wear a backless gown. They then locked him in a room with no bathroom and made him poop and pee on himself. That’s just nasty!

What is he going to do? SUE.

You know this is real because they are suning just to get him into a better prison. Shout out to the legal team of Bradford Cohen, Robert Buschel, and Jonathan Schwartz. Oh yeah: Kodak wants his legal fees covered in the suit.

I know news is covering this, but I wanted to write about it too.