Kodak Black Tells People How He Really Feels In “Haitian Scarface”

Kodak Black

Kodak Black says he cops keep messing with him and he’s letting it all go on “Haitian Scarface.”

Kodak Black is one of the modern day goats. Not for my generation, but the current era. A lot of people love him a lot of people also hate him. Moreover, most people feel he is the genuine article. Like it or not, this is Geechie Florida Rapper is one of the most well loved artists out. Whether or not you like him, is another story. Kendrick went out of his way to put him on his latest album.

As you know, he recently was arrested again. A lot of jokes came out of that. People were basically acting like, “Once again!” And, I admit I was one of them. Kodak Black has had so many legal problems, you just come to expect it. But he has released a new song and it is a telling song indeed. He does more than his normal, he gets extremely emotional and upset at how he was treated recently by the police.

The song “Haitian Scarface“ has him going off. He talks about the way he was treated. He says that the pills they found were prescription. He basically says that “I got shot a few months ago and need these pills to help me get through the pain. “

He also talks about being embarrassed about getting arrested again. And he also seems to really hate being persecuted over and over. It seems as though he feels targeted by police.

He starts this song off with the movie Scarface, a legendary segment from the movie. I actually can respect this one! 

Here’s the original scene.