Lady Luck Says Remy Ma Has Been Hating On Nicki Minaj For A While


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s fair to say that even with Nicki Minaj’s late response, she still lost this one.

As you know everyone under the sun has been weighing in on the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef.

Lady Luck still seemingly has a bit of light animosity towards Remy Ma as the two previously battled in a few of the most high-profiled female rap battles. Because of this, she wasn’t one to bite her tongue on her thoughts about the female emcee beef.

According to Lady Luck, Remy Ma is still wack and she can’t “ride beats.” She also feels like Remy’s “ShETHER” diss was a track of dope insults, but she felt like Remy’s delivery was poor and she sounded like she was out of breath and reading a piece of paper.

Lady Luck also highlighted something else! She claims that Remy Ma has had it out for Nicki Minaj since she was in jail, so it seems like Remy was just looking for an opportunity to bust at Nicki! She also claims that all female rappers hated on Nicki at one point.

“First of all, she’s been sick that Nicki been hot since she was in jail. I’m not going to lie, I was salty too back in the day until I found Jesus and God said be happy for yourself. But, we all was. Shut up female rappers. All of us were mad at Nicki and especially cause she wasn’t f##### with nobody either. We was all banding together. We was all mad at you Nicki. Remy been throwing shots since she was in jail. Then you come out, waiting and throwing shots at her on different songs. My man was in the studio when she was recording one of their songs and Fat Joe told her to chill. She been trying to come for Nicki head. This is not nothing new………. It’s not an obsession, it’s just you’re mad about who is hot. It just makes sense. She was just waiting for a minute. Even if Nicki been throwing subliminals cause you’ve thrown like seventeen. And now you release an eight-minute record about the b-tch? And then you release “Another One” cause you wasn’t done?”

What are your thoughts? Who is the better female emcee between the three?