Lauren London Preggers? Nahhhhhhhhh

Some people want Lauren London to live under the shadow of Nipsey Hussle forever!

Is Lauren London pregnant?

The Internet is ablaze with a new rumor that actress and former girlfriend of Nipsey Hussle is pregnant. However, how true can this possibly be? The answer is simple, she can be very much pregnant! It has been a couple of years since Nipsey Hussle died in life goes on, but what are we thinking?

I am thinking this is a bad, bad rumor. I did just a little bit of research and have determined that the source of the rumor probably lied. Or got some bad information. The tweet that I think set this whole thing off has been deleted. But the rumor continues to live on in seeming perpetuity as people jumped on Lauren London to disparage her name. Lauren London has been nothing but a dope chick in terms of fulfilling the legacy of Hussle. Has has also managed certain aspects of his affairs. They weren’t married, but she’s essentially a widow.

So, what I found online were a bunch of disgusting comments dissing her and calling her names because she might have moved on. Whether she moved on or didn’t move on, is her business and her right as a human being on this Earth trying to live her life. Guys, You need to check yourself sometimes because you sound disgusting. So there’s that. But, I just think that this is a bedroom. Congratulations to Lauren London and I hope she continues to live a happy life, not one full of continued pain and anguish over the loss of her love Nipsey Hussle.

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