Is Lifetime Working On A Beyonce Biopic?


Oh nooooooo Lifetime! You stay far away from all A-list celebrity biopics. They messed up Aaliyah’s and we refuse to let them butcher Beyonce’s! Not on our watch!

Lifetime has scored large hits with some of their biopics, but let’s be honest with biopics like Aaliyah’s most just tuned in to see how bad it was going to be. I couldn’t stomach it after watching the trailer, so I certainly didn’t tune in.

Apparently Lifetime feels like it’s time to tell Beyonce’s story from her Houston dreamer days to becoming one of the greatest artists of all time.

The network wants to chronicle her family sacrifices, Destiny’s Child drama, and her alleged roller coaster love life with her husband Jay Z.

With much backlash from the past, the network is trying to get the casting down! They’re having difficulty finding an actress, who can sing and dance like Queen Bey, look, sound and act the part.

Naw dawg. Lifetime we appreciate your ambition and vision, but this has to be left to the big dogs. Plus, Beyonce deserves a biopic to hit a larger network or one that will hit the theaters. Who could play Beyonce in a movie? Heck, Mariah Carey said no one was even qualified to sing at her wedding?