Was Lil Baby Serious When He Demanded $200K To Do “Fit” Interview?

Lil Baby

I guess they don’t call Lil Baby “Wham” for no reason.

Lil Baby may have just set a new and exorbitantly high priced precedent concerning the fee for his media availability. According to a recent viral video, the 4PF CEO refused to participate in the popular trend of walk-up “fit check” interviews with a content creator during his recent visit at a casino because he wasn’t being paid. And it appears the fee he was in search of to compensate his time for the interview was well over six-figures.

”You gotta give me $200K,” Lil Baby shouted at the content creator in part. He doubled down while pointing to the camera, “I’m telling you—you need to pay me $200,000 just to talk to me.”

While multiple fans argued in the comments about whether Lil Baby was wrong for taxing the man like that, he previously set this standard for this more than threes years ago. And it appears what fans are referring to is the viral video of Lil Baby counting money on Instagram Live when he made claimed he gets “200 an occasion.”

Check out the post below and judge for yourself.