Lil Baby’s Cancelled Shows Have Fans Asking Questions

Lil Baby

Lil Baby has cancelled several shows and inquiring minds what to know “what’s up!?”

Lil Baby garners attention as fans take notice of multiple canceled tour dates and high-priced tickets averaging around $200. Well…what do we have here?

Lil Baby has canceled tour stops in Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Pittsburgh! All were canceled, according to a notice on Ticketmaster stating that the event organizer made the decision.

Fans are not happy and they have started to ask a few questions. Does this suggest the Atlanta rapper is not in a position of power anymore? Is he falling off? Did he somehow lose young fans? What happens next?

Seems like The Lil One is ready. His repertoire has expanded into the restaurant business. TODAY he launched Seafood Menu Restaurant and Lounge. Seafood Menu is a business effort between Lil Baby and Chad Dillion. Chad is deep in the seafood restaurant game as the mastermind Boiler Seafood Atlanta. Lil Baby envisions expanding the Seafood Menu concept through franchising in the future, and he also plans to package the restaurant’s signature butter sauces for retail sale in grocery stores.

As for me, I would like to see more music coming from Lil Baby.