Does Lil Bibby Believe That Donald Trump Should Send The Feds Into Chicago?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Lil Bibby has made some interesting statement in the past but it looks like he finally got it right with this one.

Previously the rapper sayid that he believes in the no snitching policy, and that he wouldn’t even snitch if he knew who killed his own mother.

It looks like Bibby has gotten a little bit smarter. DJ Vlad asked Bibby what he thought about President Donald Trump sending in the Feds to deal with Chicago’s violence problem.

Surprisingly, Bibby said he thinks that Trump should actually send the feds in because that’s the only way to combat the violent crime in that city. He even laughed and said that some of the folks that need to be stopped are his people, but it’s just something the city needs for reform.

“Sad to say, send them motherf-ckas in and these my peoples. My peoples still out there doing the crazy. But sh-t that’s probably what you need to do. Motherf-ckas ain’t gonna be coming through doing no crazy sh-t. On our blocks the police use to park right there. Where ever we was all hanging out they used to park right there because if they leave it would be some motherf-ckas shots fired. So that’s the only reason how you can stop the violence if you put them people out there.”

What are your thoughts? Does Lil Bibby have a point? Do you ever see it getting better for Chicago?

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